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The Story

I started knitting in the fall of 2018 in an attempt cope with the loss of my best friend,

a black and white cat named Rasmus.

We all have emotional scars, and like flesh wounds they leave scar tissue on our surface. With time the damaged tissue grows stronger than the surrounding tissue, and leaves that particular area less prone to further damage.

We trade vulnerability for strength, and gain unique features.

These scarves are much the same.

They are imperfect and unique. 

This collection is named Scarf Tissue.



NOK 3999,-

38 x 250 cm

70 % baby alpaca

30 % mulberry silk

108 is the number of beads traditionally used in a mala prayer string. The mala is used so that one can focus on the meaning or sound of a mantra, by repeating the mantra while turning the thumb around each bead.

108 is also the number of stitches in each row of this scarf. While knitting I used the same approach, by making each stitch count as a mantra for stillness.

Blue Alpaca Silk scarf_edited_edited_edi


NOK 1999,-

33 x 330 cm

70 % baby alpaca

23 % polyamide

7 % merino wool