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Is there life on Mars?

Since 2012 we've been searching for living organisms in the Martian soil, while at the same time extinguishing life in our own. Ain't it fun!

According to World Economic Forum, 70 % of the topsoil - the layer allowing plants to grow, is gone.

Most of the plants we grow are used to feed livestock - chickens, cattle, sheep and pigs. A meal containing meat requires up to 9 times the amount of natural resources compared to an equally nutritious vegetarian meal.

Meat production is one of the main causes of soil depletion. Furthermore, soil degradation creates a vicious cycle, in which less carbon is stored, accelerating the effects of global warming, and in turn further degrading cultivable soil.

So for people who are not vegans or vegetarians - including myself, the only sustainable option is this:

Smaller quantities of higher-quality, mainly grass-fed meat. (How small? Very small.) Less dairy products. More fruit and vegetables, organically grown.

Less processed food.

Support your local farmers.

It's not a question of what you prefer to eat. It's a question of whether you prefer to eat.

Mother Earth

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