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Are we primitive or civilized?

I once found myself in an argument over disposable plastic cutlery with an acquaintance from my hometown. I kept trying to convince this person that in order to create a more sustainable world, we need - among a good few other things - to stop creating so much waste. His closing argument was (braise yourself): "you'll never get people in the CIVILIZED part of the world to agree with you on this - how are we supposed to eat fast food after a drunk night out WITHOUT plastic forks?" This was the exact time I realized I must never argue with fools.

So what are we then, primitive or civilized?

I'm going to argue the former. Like, how we stow away our parents and grandparents in retirement homes so we don't have to feel guilty over disregarding our elders. Or, of course, how we doom millions of living, breathing beings - better known as animals - to a life of torture, so that we can eat gargantuan amounts of meat while at the same time inducing a variety of life-threatening illnesses on ourselves, like morbid obesity and heart diseases.

Civilized behavior, no?

Let me ask a rhetorical question: Could it be that our emotional response system is being exploited by massive corporate industries in order to cash in on our primitive behavior? (Spoiler: YES.)

Why else would we allow the disposal of tons upon tons of "atypically shaped" fruit and vegetables, while buying Disney-perfect apples in plastic containers, knowing that thousands of people starve? Why else would we reject the idea of purchasing previously used clothes and household items from the thrift shop, while knowing that people are homeless and freezing?

And what about recycled/treated waste water? Why would we reject drinking it? Allow me to present a shocking fact: ALL water is recycled water. Every single drop of water you drink was once someone's urine or blood. It was once a cow's saliva. It was once a cloud, and a river and a part of the ocean. All water is in a constant recycling system, called the ecosystem. The earth has been a perfectly balanced system of recycling since the first sunrise.

All we need to do is join in.

So is it primitive or civilized thinking to deny this? I'm only asking.

Image by Daniil Kuzelev

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