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Annihilation and jubilation!

"World leading experts on humanity and environmental damage now warn that the annihilation of wildlife has become an emergency that threatens civilization.

No shit Sherlock. What else is new?

On an individual level I find it puzzling, to say the least, that we haven't acted collectively on a larger scale to prevent this literal catastrophe. And at the same time I find it completely understandable, as I haven't really done too much myself.

I do my part to recycle, minimize food waste and overall consumption, repair broken objects and worn out clothes, all the while fully aware that it's close to irrelevant in the bigger picture and at the same time an essential part of changing our collective mindset. As we speak, most of my mental energy is being used trying to grasp this inner vs outer conflict. What a paradox.

Personally, I have to admit, I believe we have effectively started the irreversible extinction of humanity. I am however clueless about the time frame we're looking at, but I am under the impression that the destruction will keep happening at an accelerating pace. Further, the extinction of us would have happened at some point in the history of life, with or without our help.

So where does this leave me, apart from being unable to add any new thoughts or ideas to the whole issue at hand?

Pretty much desperately babbling about subjects I have little knowledge about, in an attempt to understand them.

Anyways, there's no reason to be paralyzed with fear. It'll make your day suck, plus it won't change a thing. Everyone loses.

Any action is better than no action, and further truisms."

- Me, a while back.

Selective focus. Photo by Harli Marten.

I actually wrote this blog post in 2018, but didn't post it because I felt like it was too grim. Fast forward about 6 months, and every major newspaper now headlines the human extinction on the front page. The UN just released it's Global Assessment Report and it's grim alright. "The overall message is that the world’s life support systems, on which humans depend, are in trouble. Remedies are possible, but they require urgent, transformative action because policies until now have failed to halt the tide of man-made extinctions."


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